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  • Public Liability (PL)

    Public Liability policies provide protection against third party claims arising from Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Injury. Legal defense costs are also included. Coverage is provided to protect an insured from liabilities arising from premises, operations and/or products and completed operations. Policies can be written to include worldwide territory and jurisdiction.

    a) Basic intentions and scope of cover

    Coverage can be tailored to include:

    • Cross Liability
    • Car Parking
    • Defective Sanitary Installation
    • First Aid Facilities
    • Indemnity to Directors and Executive
    • Liability for Personal Effect
    • Lift, Escalator, Hoists And Cranes
    • Loading and Unloading
    • Neon/Advertising Signs
    • Social and Sports Activities
    • Swimming Pool Liability
    • Temporary Visits Overseas
    • Temporary Visits Overseas
    • Tenant’s Liability

     b) Limitations and exclusions

    i. Geographical: accidents occurring a specific geographical area are not covered. Also, claims are restricted to those subject to the legal jurisdiction of Tanzania.

    ii. Other policies: other policies may insure liability risks. To avoid overlap and confusion, such claims (e.g. motor, EC, products liability, professional advice, etc.) are excluded.

    iii. Contractual liability (or liability assumed under an agreement) is excluded.

    iv. “Standard” exclusions of war and nuclear risks.

    c) Premium basis

    The premium is frequently adjustable i.e. based upon a variable factor, such as wages or turnover (but see note below). Thus a provisional premium is paid initially, adjusted to the correct amount when final figures are available. Obviously the rate charge will reflect the potential risk from third party claimants, according to the occupation of the insured.

    Note: although the traditional premium basis for these policies was adjustable to reflect the actual volume of business activity during the policy year, it is now quite common to find non-adjustable premiums being used in Tanzania. With these the insurer accepts the projected wage roll/ turnover as the final figures, so that no additional or refund premium has to be considered.

    d) Other features

    i. “Long-tail” business: All liability insurance is long-tail in nature, i.e. claims may arise and develop over a long period of time so it is necessary to keep files and reserves open for much longer than with “short-tail” business, such as property insurance generally.

    ii. “Claims –made” cover: such policies limit cover to claims actually made upon the insured during the currency of the policy, or a specified limited period thereafter. Whilst not unknown, this form of cover is not common with PL insurances, which are usually on a “claims-occurring” basis.