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    We design plans to build a “wall of protection” based on your needs. We begin with a thorough risk analysis and evaluation. We then look for the most reputable and the strongest insurer who can offer us the best package in the most cost effective way.

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  • Motor Insurance Claim


    A claim: refers to a request to be reimbursed filed by the insured and address to the insurer.

    Loss: is the occurrence of an insured event, such as a fire

    Policy holder: is a person who buys insurance but when they make a claim they are referred to as a claimant.

    Excess: Is amount of deduction payable by insured from the net loss assessed. Per standard Excess rates, if the vehicle is stolen, Insured will be compensated by 90% and pay Excess (deductible) of 10%. If it’s a partial loss or total loss from accident, insured will pay 5% Minimum 350,000 for private vehicles or 500,000 for commercial rate – please refer to the rate chart for more specific excess applicable to your vehicle.