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  • WHY US?

    We design plans to build a “wall of protection” based on your needs. We begin with a thorough risk analysis and evaluation. We then look for the most reputable and the strongest insurer who can offer us the best package in the most cost effective way.

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  • Insurers Responsibility


    As a Mawenzi Insurance Brokers client here is what you can expect from us.

    Insurer must:

    • Respond promptly
    • Give reasonable guidance
    • Handle claims fairly and promptly
    • Tell claimant how claims is progressing
    • Explain why not an insured peril or remote cause or why will you not pay
    • Settle claims promptly
    • Handle complaints fairly and promptly

    The Insurer’s Responsibility:

    • Book the claim reported
    • Verify the insurance cover, policy conditions, and exclusions.
    • Assign Vehicle Assessor for the investigation of the accident and the cost of repair.
    • Assessor will submit the report to the insurer for approval to repair the vehicle
    • Provide the approval to the garage to fix the vehicle per the agreed terms and assessor’s recommendations
    • When the repair is complete, insurer sends the check to the garage or the insured based on the agreements.
    • If it’s a total loss, the insurer will give an offer for settlement less applicable excess