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  • Agriculture Insurance

    Mawenzi Insurance Brokers has deployed a fierce campaign to educate and design protection to the hardworking Tanzanian farmers to secure their financial future!

    We work with all key players in the value chain to provide adequate protection to secure their projects. We focus on the farmer’s needs and work together to design a comprehensive solution based on the priorities and needs that fit their budget. Mother nature uncertainties are the biggest threats to agribusiness success.

    Mawenzi insurance brokers are affiliated with most of the major insurers to provide competitive packages for our mutual clients. Some of major payers in Agriculture Insurance are: Jubilee Insurance Co Ltd, MGen Insurance company ltd, and UAP Insurance Co. Ltd. We also have access to larger underwriters through our offices in Nairobi if the risk is beyond our local capacity.

    When your livelihood relies on the land and weather for success it's good to know that you have an insurance policy to protect your investment and profitability. Agriculture insurance protects agricultural producers, including farmers, ranchers, and others against the loss of their crops/livestock due to:

    • Pests &diseases;
    • Natural disasters, such as hail, drought, and floods,
    • Loss of revenue due to declines in the prices of agricultural commodities.

    Protecting your investment against the loss of your livestock.

    Major risks covered under Livestock Insurance are:

    • Accidents, Illness and disease, Epidemics.
    • Emergency slaughter (on advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon).
    • Extensions: Transits, Theft, and Calving risks.

    Livestock that is covered includes:

    • Dairy cattle,
    • Beef cattle,
    • Poultry,
    • Pigs,
    • Sheep
    • Goats

    Cover provided for:

    • Cattle ( Dairy and Beef )
    • Sheep and goats
    • Pigs

    Covers loss as a result of:

    • Accidental causes.
    • Illness and disease of terminal nature.
    • Epidemics
    • Emergency slaughter on advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon.

    The cover can be extended to cover:

    • Theft of animals,
    • Transit risks and
    • Calving / furrowing risks
    • Loss of income after the death of a insured dairy goat or cow

    Birds Covered:

    • Broilers (0 days-8 weeks old)
    • Layers (0 days-1½ yrs)

    What is covered:

    • Death of the insured birds as a result of:
      • Uncontrollable diseases
      • Accidents
    • The cover can be extended to cover:
      • Transit
      • Risk
      • Theft

    What is covered:

    • Death of the insured horse as a result of accidents.
    • Medical expenses as a result of accidental injuries.

    The cover can be extended to cover:

    • Transit
    • Risk
    • Theft

    Class of Horses covered:

    • Racing
    • Polo

    Rating: The maximum medical limit is Kshs. 500,000.

    What is covered:

    • Death of the insured pet as a result of:
      • Diseases and illnesses
      • Accidents
      • Humane killing (Euthanasia on advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon)
      • Epidemics
      • Veterinary expenses
    • The cover can be extended to cover:
      • Transit
      • Risk
      • Straying
      • Theft

    Animals Covered:

    • Dogs
    • Cats

    What is not covered (where applicable)

    • Transit risks of insured livestock/ before informing insurer 3 days prior to the transportation.
    • Losses arising from Feed or spray poisoning.
    • Death of animal arising from pre-existing conditions.
    • In ability for the insured animal to perform the tasks for which it is employed for.
    • Treatment and vaccination costs.
    • Theft of animals in areas prone to cattle rustling and banditry actions.
    • Unaccounted disappearance


    We protect life of a plant from seeding through harvest and beyond until the reach final consumer.


    • Cereals, wheat, barley  and maize
    • Coffee
    • Tree crop
    • Tobacco
    • All horticultural crops
    • Any other Crop of Commercial value
    • Flower crop, greenhouses and Irrigation equipment.  


    Major risks covered under Crop Insurance are:

    • All natural perils due to climatic changes - drought, floods, excessive rainfalls, hail, frost, fire, and such…
    • Non-climatic changes such as uncontrollable pests and diseases.
    • Some extensions include: stock damages, goods in transit, market price fluctuations etc.

    Multi-Peril cover pays for the yield shortfall below guaranteed level resulting from physical loss or damage to growing crop directly caused by:

    • Drought
    • Uncontrollable pest and diseases
    • Hailstone damage
    • Flooding of the crop
    • Fire and lighting
    • Malicious Damage
    • Earthquake
    • Riot and Strike
    • Explosion
    • Windstorm
    • Fire

    Greenhouse Policies cover the destruction of greenhouse structure and components including growing crop.

    Cover is provided for:

    • Plastic cladding and steel structure
    • Growing crop
    • Yield in Transit
    • Machinery breakdown
    • Deterioration of stock Irrigation
    • Equipment

    Perils covered include:

    • Fire and fire fighting
    • Theft or loss during fire, firefighting or salvaging
    • Lighting
    • Impact damage
    • Plane Crash
    • Theft after burglary
    • Damage during burglary or attempt thereto
    • Water from reservoirs and / or water tanks
    • Excessive rain
    • Storm (Including Hail or weight of snow)
    • Salvage costs

    Forestry Perils Covered:

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Windstorm

    Optional Additional Covers:

    • Flood and / or inundation
    • Malicious Damage
    • Subsidence and landslide
    • Damage by wild animals
    • Riot strike and civil commotion
    • Aircraft and other aerial devices and / or articles dropped there from

    What's not covered?

    • Quality deterioration due to interruption of work or process accidents.
    • Consequential loss due to delay in harvesting, detention or confistication of produce or equipment.
    • Errors in pesticide application.
    • Theft produce while still in the farms.
    • Mysterious disappearances and unaccountable losses
    • Controllable pest and disease that can be managed through recommended spray programs